The Dudoc team

About Leslie Adams

Working at Dudoc Vancouver is an opportunity to focus on issues I am passionate about. Over the years, I have managed a wide range of multi-faceted programs and am fortunate to have worked on projects I believe. These include unique human rights events, local community development projects and ground breaking international programs. Many projects involved strong elements of sustainability, sometimes social, ecological, economic and cultural interests intersected. At Dudoc, these priorities are integrated.

I thrive on strategic planning and developing partnerships which has been part of helping coordinate Dudoc events and contributing to the the formation of Earth Charter Friends Canada. In addition, my project management and communications skills support Dudoc activities such as promotion of sustainable Dutch products.  My background includes working with innovative, diverse and sometimes challenging groups. Throughout, collaboration has been key and has involved community organizations, government and business. A Vancouverite, I have considerable cross-Canada experience and have travelled extensively in Western, Asian and Southern countries.

I am inspired by the Walas vision and the openness to exploring ways to build better communities locally and internationally. I value working with the immediate team and affiliated partners towards achieving a more sustainable and just world.

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