The Dudoc team

About Gerben van Straaten

I have been working in urban and community development since 1991. Economic, social and cultural development are integrated in my approach.

I lead Walas companies in Europe and North America. With a strong focus on fair business and sustainable solutions, the Walas group in Europe is growing fast. Walas is determined to optimize the implementation of innovations. Walas has established many collaborations and joint ventures with leading edge specialists. Some of these partnerships are brought to Dudoc Vancouver, where Walas leads the charge of exploring new ways for integrative sustainable developments in Canada and the USA.

Since 2009, I have been involved with the Earth Charter movement to create a strategic vision for urban sustainability on a global scale. I am the author of the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto. I am also co-author of the much appraised book Nieuwe Ideeën voor Oude gebouwen (NAi publishers NL) on creative economy in urban contexts and Contemporary Perspectives on Jane Jacobs (Ashgate publishing) about the work with Hafencity University, at Hafencity Hamburg.

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