World of Walas

We believe that cities are all about people, not buildings.

Walas is synonymous with urban development: people first, not buildings

We believe that cities are all about people, not buildings. We create vital cities and urban areas. We see the promise of worn down urban areas, where others are blind for this. We bring them back to life. We love empty factories and other old building, believe in their strength and the meaning of their souls. We think that people like to visit those places to practice and experience all kinds of interesting things. We find those old buildings generous and we think that we can turn them into fantastic places for people to live, work, recreate and challenge their creativity. We are convinced that we have to do all this with the new users and inhabitants. The colourful active urban world in which people feel good is our stage to create a sustainable and vital city: social, cultural and interactive, honest and just, economically as well as ecologically powerful, and therefore valuable and efficient.


We are driven by a great passion for people. We want everyone in the city to enjoy life, work and recreation. Team Walas works on the city, the urban community of life, with clarity and creativity, with vitality, resilience and sustainability. Team Walas works on clear processes, on itself, on each other, on the future of us all. We strive for enduring and reliable relationships, for respect and for collaboration with anyone who wants to co-evolve. We want to share our ideas and our knowledge and we open our minds to those of others. We want to develop the best urban places and communities with access for all.

Our values are: creativity, sociality, sustainability, communication, connectivity, vitality, liveability, honesty and value. We maintain the principles of the Earth Charter and the Earth Charter Cities Manifesto.

Walas continuously works on itself and the improvement of its high level of knowledge and its best practice. Our focus is on targets, on results, on people.

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