An Espresso Maker As Beautiful As The Sunrise

Made in the Netherlands out of copper, wood, and brass, the Strietman ES3 is a fully manual espresso machine that uses an Italian method from the 1950s that relies on a lever to compress a column of hot water through the grounds. The lever control allows the operator to customize the brew.

The Strietman ES3’s simple design makes it more reliable, durable, and easier to clean than a typical espresso machine. And with the only electrical part being the adjustable water heater, there’s not much that can go wrong besides operator error.

What makes the Strietman ES3 different from most espresso makers isn’t just its gorgeous copper on birch looks, its ingenious piston design, or even the fact that it’s wall mounted, which frees up valuable counter space. It’s the simplicity by which it actually makes your elixir.

The 11-pound machine mounts to the wall and draws 750 watts of power to get it hot. Though it’s Dutch, there’s a 115 volt version as well. Besides the unit, each one comes with a custom tamper, an anti-dust lid, a double spout, and three filter baskets.

A true Dutch design. Handmade in the Netherlands.

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