nai010 publishers

Architecture, Design, Urbanism, Art

nai010 publishers specializes in developing, publishing and distributing books in the fields of architecture, urbanism, art and design.

The international reputation of nai010 is founded on an absolute commitment to quality from a small, dedicated team. The merger of NAi Publishers and 010 Publishers opens a new chapter in the tradition of international art and architecture publications in the Netherlands. With the combined backlist of NAi Publishers and 010 Publishers as a foundation and a wealth of ideas for the future, this publisher is better placed than ever to be an incubator, platform and treasure-house for publishing about art, architecture and design.

Around the globe
The largest part of nai010 publishers’ production is bilingual or published in English in order to reach a global audience. For national as well as international distribution nai010 publishers boasts an extensive worldwide network of representatives. nai010’s books are available in specialized book- and museum shops from the US to New Zealand, and from Canada to Korea. Dudoc guests can get a cup of coffee and start reading a selection of books. The books are also for sale.

Target group
nai010 focusses on architects and designers – professionally active or in training, artists and art enthusiasts, as well as a growing number of readers among the general public interested in art, architecture and design. nai010 publications are distinctive for their relevance to present-day issues, their innovative and interdisciplinary character as well as their cutting edge design, and stimulate the contemporary socio-cultural debate.

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