Milkshell Lamp Shade

Plastic milk containers lampshade by upcycleDZINE

Some time ago artist Gilbert de Rooij started to collect discarded 2- litre plastic milk cartons with a goal of making a lampshade. He had so much fun playing with the concept that it turned into a series.

The ‘Milkshell‘ was created from the top part of the milk cartons. It has a playful shape with a protective character because of the inward direction in which it points, creating a fantastic shadow on the walls.

‘MilkShell2’ is a new and bigger version, 48 cm. diameter, made out of leftovers from producing other upcycle lampshades. After cutting up all these cartons, de Rooij ended up with the top part, a middle part and the bottom. As with the original MilkShell, he used the top part, but in such a way that the milk carton isn’t recognizable right away.

After being a graphic designer for over twenty-five years, Gilbert de Rooij became inspired by the concept of upcycling – giving a new function, a second life and added value to something that would otherwise end up in landfill. It gives him great pleasure to transform a discarded item into an object of beauty and utility.

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