Our story

Green Technology. Sustainability. Innovation.

Dudoc is a platform for sustainable Dutch companies to promote their business cases for sustainable development. It provides an opportunity for exceptional Dutch innovators to introduce their advanced environmental designs and products to the Canadian public. As such, it bridges the gap between European expert knowledge and Canadian consumers.

Our goal is to achieve a low carbon economy and resolve environmental challenges through international partnerships and cutting-edge solutions. Located in downtown Vancouver, at the centre of its urban agglomeration, Dudoc brings together creative minds in order to reduce the environmental impact of urban and rural communities in an integrated manner.

Our Inspiration for Change

Our goal is to
– protect the environment and vital resources while creating positive outcomes for the communities in which we live.
– embrace creativity, innovation and change through diversity and inclusiveness.
– build enduring and reliable relationships through collaboration and engagement of citizens in our transition to a healthier world.
– induce change of current unsustainable practices by providing rational applications of our innovative techniques.
– provide visionary leadership and interactive management in the creation of healthy, resilient and diverse cities.

Dudoc is the brainchild of Walas Concepts, a Dutch Canadian urban design company that specializes in revitalizing neighbourhoods by taking into account the existing essence of the area, enhancing the creative core and listening to the locals. Walas is known for fostering the creative class and growing the local economic by encouraging micro-businesses. Walas Concepts brought the concept of Dudoc forward to the Consul-General of the Netherlands, who has collaborated to make it a reality.
“I’ve been working in both countries for several years as an urban designer and I’ve always been struck by the compatibility in culture and sensibility,” states Gerben van Straaten, CEO of Walas Concepts. “Netherlands has been a hotbed of sustainable innovation for a number of years and Canada is a country open to new ideas and eager to exchange and implement ideas around green design.”

Dudoc has taken over the former Buschlen Mowatt Gallery space on Georgia Street and is conscious of carrying on the legacy of excellence in showcasing emerging talent. The vision for Dudoc is to become a centre for the exchange of ideas and collaboration between designers and developers to create a new vision of vitality for the metropolitan Vancouver area.


Contact us: contact@dudocvancouver.com